Welcome to the new version of This has long housed a portfolio of my graphic design work, that was updated about as often as I was looking for a new job. Now things have changed. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I’m working for myself. I am a freelance graphic designer and artworker.

So it was time for something a bit more…, well a bit more. My portfolio is still here, but I have decided to make this site the hub of my online creative activity, so there will always be other things I’m involved with highlighted in the other projects section to the right, or below on smaller screens; and this blog, where I intend to discuss creativity and design, and how it affects the real world. Things like the ethics of design, and how a creative approach can improve various aspects of life. I will also post new work on the blog, as well as in the portfolio, and I will endeavour to explain how my work fits in with the ideas discussed in other posts. The ‘new work’ posts will have the advantage of comments, unlike the portfolio section, so you will be able to join the discussion, as you will on the blog as a whole.

I think it’s only fair to treat people nicely who join in with the chat here, and I’ll post a comments and privacy policy here soon, which will include etiquette guidelines, as well as a slightly more detailed explanation of the fact that I won’t share any of your details or opinions elsewhere without getting your explicit permission first. That goes for anything you email to me too.

I’ve got a few ideas for things I want to talk about, and I’ll be adding posts over the next few weeks as they come into being, so before long this will be worthy of being called a blog. One of the first will be about the work of designing and building the new site, from a technical as well as a creative perspective, and will hopefully be useful to other people pursuing a similar endeavour.

Thank you for your time. Come again. Anton.

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