Litmus Music logo

An extra piece of work I did while I was designing Litmus’ Slaughterbahn album artwork, was a logo for Litmus Music, the label the band created for the release.

I took the Litmus ‘shield’ logo (below) as my starting point. This was a symbol I designed as an alternative to the text-only wordmark, and which has been used on various albums, t-shirts, posters, and more over the years.

The new logo will generally be used at a smaller size than the shield, and the detail would suffer as a result, so I opted for a silhouette. The text is a variant of the Alien Encounters typeface used in the main band logos, and has been further customised for this logo. The text sits on a bold underline that balances the weight of the shield above, as well as echoing the M of Litmus and Music in the negative space.

Litmus shield

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